BNR Newsradio interviewed Jeffrey van Dijk, LISTEN UP!


BNR Newsradio interviewed Jeffrey van Dijk, LISTEN UP!

DTT director and owner Jeffrey van Dijk was invited on BNR to share his knowledge about apps for the second time. Earlier he talked about Google's regulations. This time the topic concernded apps and games that are suitable for the elderly.

"There are plenty of apps that elderly can use."

The radio fragment kicks off with the story of the japanese user Masako Bakami (81). He has developed a game which is suitable for seniors. Why? Since in his view, those kind of games are lacking in the app stores. A number of sound bites:

"I think that Masako has a good point. This kind of audience requires slower speed in the game and larger interface, for sure. Thus it will be more fun for them." 

"The more older the target group is the more time they spend with their smartphone. My mother for instance spends more time on her smartphones than me."

"If you look in the category of best paid apps in Google Play, you'll see that Wordfeud is usually in the top 5. And Wordfeud is a game that the elderly usually play."

Listen to the entire radio fragment of apps and games for the elderly.



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