Music school app developed: Aslan


Music school app developed: Aslan

We all know how music can be fun. Therefore, the lesson should also be fun. And of course it shouldn't feel like an obligation. Rather as an enrichment. With this app Aslan fills up the enrichment part. The Aslan music app offers solution to two issues. First, how do we ensure that students stay involved in music outside school? And second, how do we teach them to present themselves in a group?

Smart lessons

Aslan Music Centre is the place to develop your musical talent. The Aslan musicschool app also takes part in the development of this project. The app should soon become part of the curriculum in secondary schools. This application aims to promote interaction between students. For example users can upload videos and judge each other. Exciting! But also a good exercise. And afer all: practice makes perfect!

Development of the music app

At DTT, we see an increase in demand for music apps. That's not so strange, with a music app we can get to know better 'the youth of today'. Another recent example of a music app is Listen and Play, where users learn to play on the basis of hearing.

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DTT complements its summer vacation with the development of many magnificent projects.

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