Now live: the EFDN Healthy Football League app

Using the connecting power of football to promote an active and healthy lifestyle? This is possible with the EFDN Healthy Football League app.

The connecting power of football

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) uses the power of football as a tool to promote social projects, share knowledge, and create new opportunities for its members.

The Healthy Football league app

In collaboration with EFDN, DTT developed the Healthy Football League app. The Healthy Football League app is an initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle. Users of the app can join their favorite club and compete against other clubs in Europe. By walking, running, or cycling, users can collect points for their club. Points are calculated based on the number of steps, calories burned and distance traveled. In addition to collecting points, users can earn various badges for their achievements. The rankings are divided into a local, national and international level, which makes the app kind of resemble the UEFA Europa League competition.

To further enhance the community feeling of the app, the app also includes a chat function so fans can share their love for their favorite football club.

Download the EFDN Healthy Football League app now on Android or iOS.

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