Problem: Domestic violence. The Hulpapp is now live


Problem: Domestic violence. The Hulpapp is now live

Unfortunately, domestic abuse still happens a lot in the Netherlands. The Hulpapp is created to connect the people involved with domestic abuse to the right help and information.

The right help and information

The Hulpapp (''hulp'' means help in Dutch) has been established through the initiative of Stichting De Juiste Schakel. Unfortunately, the available help for people involved in domestic abuse is not the same everywhere in the Netherlands. The help differs per municipality, situation and time of day. Stichting De Juiste Schakel recognized the need for one central location where they can offer the right help and information to those who need it. DTT and Stichting De Juiste Schakel have combined forces to create a strong solution for those involved.

Available for everyone

We proudly announce the that the Hulpapp is now live. The Hulpapp is a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means that everybody with a computer, tablet or mobile phone has access to the Hulpapp by visiting the website. This way, everybody can access the right help and information, without having to download the app through an app store first.

The Pilot of the Hulpapp has started in the Zaanstreek – Waterland (Z-W) region. The Hulpapp will be expanded to national, regional and local organizations and initiatives in the future.

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