Read2Speak reading app is live now


Read2Speak reading app is live now

If you have too many notifications and incoming messages on your smartphone and don't have time to read them - Read2Speak will do it for you.

Too many alerts? Read2Speak is there to help you!

The Read2Speak application is a tool that reads aloud your incoming messages. How many notifications, messages and alerts daily come on your smartphone from social media, news apps, games and chats? Users are often unable or don't have the opportunity to read all this. Thus the idea of the app has originated.

The user can choose to immediately read the incoming messages, or do this later. This is very convenient when you are on the bike or in the car. Drive safely and don't get distracted by your smartphone. Logically, the application is also immensely practical for the visually impaired and illiterate people. With several features such as the speed of the reading, each user can customize the application to his needs. 

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