Spot your own star with Online Star Register app


Spot your own star with Online Star Register app

In collaboration with DTT the popular Online Star Register (OSR) has launched a new app that helps people locate and follow the named star via their mobile phone. With this Star Finder app, the special and original gift of your own star is more visible and tangible.

People who bought their own star via OSR app, can fill in their registration code and look up their star in the virtual sky. They get more information and navigate through the galaxy to their star on the screen. With an augmented reality function it is even possible to lift the iPhone to the sky and let the app indicate where the star is in the sky. That may happen both day and night. "Stars with magnitudes up to 5 or 6 can still be seen with the naked eye. With this app we can make your registered star visible. "says Sarah West from OSR.

The 'pick the best' feature of the app allows to determine which star on which date is best visible from the spot where a person is - for example in America or Australia. That is important if the star is given as a wedding or birthday gift and is visible to the recipient on that very day. The app can be downloaded from the OSR website or through the App Store. People who don't want to register stars can use the app, for example, to see all sorts of constellations. They can also register a star through the app.

The Dutch company offers people around the world the opportunity to give each other a star as a gift on different occasions like birth, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, death, or other special events. The star is registered and given a chosen name. The gift package includes a certificate and a star map where the star is indicated. It also has a sort of Facebook-like star page that the namesake can arrange himself and where friends and family can post comments. Here the star can also be viewed through Google Sky.

"Since the beginning of this millennium people all over the world register stars with OSR. Giving a star increasingly becomes a gift experience with great symbolic and emotional value. The app provides an additional opportunity to locate and see your star in a unique way, "said West.

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