Testimonial Greenpeace Netherlands


Testimonial Greenpeace Netherlands

For their campaign ‘Protect the Antarctic’, Greenpeace Netherlands challenged us to develop an app which aims to create a buzz around the campaign. The team of DTT was fully committed to delivering a successful app. Our client is very pleased with the result, which makes us very happy as well!

"Once again, compliments on how fast you brought this amazing app into the digital world”

"Speaking for both myself, Joost and the entire projecteam, I would like to thank DTT deeply for your efforts. We are thrilled with the end result!

When we approached you with the request to make penguins appear everywhere in the Netherlands through AR, we received an exceptional proposal. A very entertaining elaboration of our campaign to make the South Pole a protected marine reserve. Together we quickly came up with the name for the King Penguin app and fun occasions to use the app so everyone can search virtual penguins via AR in their own neighborhood. By combining this quest with information about the animals and their threatened environment at the South Pole, awareness is created in a playful way. And that's exactly what we wanted. Once again, compliments on how fast you brought this amazing app into the digital world. I experienced it as a very pleasant collaboration."

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