Testimonial Multibel


Testimonial Multibel

Commissioned by Multibel, DTT has renovated its website and app into a new modern design. We proudly announce this reference as a result of pleasant cooperation.

‘’We are very satisfied with the result and this surely tastes like more.’’

With delight, DTT worked on the design of the Multibel website and app. Multibel is a SaaS service (Software as a Service): an alarm solution whereby companies can react quickly to critical events,  bring people to safety quicker and continuity is guaranteed. We would like to share the positive experience of Maurits Knopjes, co-director of Multibel: 

‘’The DTT design-team has helped us tremendously with freshening up our website, reaching more conversions, and improving technically. Likewise with our Multibel app. The challenge was to combine modern design with improved user-friendliness. We are very satisfied with the result and this surely tastes like more. The cooperation was nice, from the big boss to the individual designers, they’re all craftsmen. SEE YOU SOON.’’ 

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