Testimonial SportWallet


Testimonial SportWallet

Together with the brothers Rüpp, DTT has developed the SportWallet app. With pride do we present to you their positive testimonial after a successful collaboration.

“Our choice for DTT has been the correct one and I would recommend them to everyone!”

DTT has developed the SportWallet app with joy. An app where you can exchange your covered kilometers, with apps such as Strava, into amazing discounts in exercise related web shops. We gladly share the satisfied experience of the brothers Pieter and Maurits Rüpp: 

“With an idea in our heads did we end up at DTT. The initial communication went smooth and before we knew it, we had a meeting at their office. After a few brainstorming sessions we immediately went into the design and development phase and the results speak for themselves! It's extraordinary how DTT’s team managed to convert the idea in our heads into an actual app. Thanks to the experience and expertise of DTT are we able to control and manage the CMS of the app very easily and in an efficient way. Our decision for DTT has been the correct one and I would recommend them to everyone.”

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