Welcome EFDN


Welcome EFDN

With pride we welcome our new client, EFDN (European Football for Development Network)! EFDN connects professional football clubs in Europe.

Healthiest football club in Europe

Together with EFDN, DTT will develop a mobile app which will promote an active and healthy lifestyle to football fans. Thanks to a built-in step counter, football fans are enabled to earn points for their favourite club. Clubs will compete (inter)nationally for the title ‘Healthiest football club of Europe’.

To strengthen the community feeling of users even further, we will build a chat function so fans can share their love for their favourite football club.

EFDN mission and vision

EFDN promotes the binding strength of football and uses it as an instrument for social development. EFDN also contributes to a more social society through international, national and local community- programs for disadvantaged young and elderly people in Europe. The purpose of the network is creating a shared platform to enable clubs sharing information, methods, programs and activities on MVO- area more efficiently and effectively. The clubs put their mutual rivalry asides to share knowledge and to work together on programs focused on local youth whom cause trouble and face challenges. Furthermore EFDN supports socially concerned football clubs and tries to improve the quality of new and existing community- programs.

Read more about EFDN here. DTT is EFDN Programme Partner of Active Fans. 


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