Welcome Ministry of Defense


Welcome Ministry of Defense

We proudly welcome our new client, the Ministry of Defence! The Ministry of Defence contributes to peace, freedom and safety all over the world. The Dutch armed forces are part of the Ministry of Defence, and consist out of the Royal Netherlands Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Military Constabulary.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force

One important part of the Ministry of Defence is the Royal Air Force. The Air Combat Leader plays an important role in the Royal Air Force. The air combat leader serves as the eyes and ears for the jet fighter pilot. Their tasks consist of constructing a reliable aerial image, searching for suspicious airplanes, and deciding when the QRA (F-16’s) need to be dispatched. Shortly after the QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) gets activated, two F16’s will take off which need to be guided as fast and safe as possible to their intended target.

Serious game Air Combat Leader

Commissioned by the Ministry of Defence we will develop a ‘serious game’, which enables potential applicants to discover the profession through gamification. Currently hard work is being done for the concept of this ‘serious game’, to be continued!

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