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Delivery: 2016, quarter 2

Real Estate Manager CleverStone wants to improve the market by data availability on buildings and their immediate surroundings. CleverStone aims to provide valuable insights for real estate managers about their real estate portfolio, individual buildings and the environment. It offers all the necessary information that a property manager or investor needs in a highly organized manner.

Users can easily find the property of their choice through the search function, by entering building number, user, state or street name. GRIP presents key figures of the building, compared to the market and the real estate portfolio. Including key figures such as; rental costs, maintenance costs, service costs and the occupancy rate of the user its portfolio.

More information about CleverStone can be found on their website.

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"We worked very well with DTT. From the very first contacts they made a professional and skilled impression.

In all phases they are punctual, accurate and even better, they think along with possible alternatives and solutions. We completed the project on time and within budget. DTT also provides the agreed quality. What is special about Dylan and Jeffrey: they honor their agreements.

I would recommend everyone to do business with DTT."

Farid Azarkan, Owner

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