User testing at DTT

User testing helps you to evaluate your solution by testing it with real users. Identify usability issues early to reduce the costs in the long run.

At DTT, we can help you to setup a user test for your app or website. We'll help you with creating the test plan, recruiting participants, performing the test, and analysing the results to produce findings and recommendations.

Why test your product?

Discover unbiased user insights

See the design through the eyes of your users to get a fresh, unbiased perspective and useful insights.

Improve customer satisfaction

Smooth UX means happy, satisfied customers. Increase your chance at a successful launch with user testing.

Take your product to the next level

When the key issues have been identified, we will propose design solutions to improve your product.

Optimize conversion rates

Through methods like A/B testing, you can increase and optimize the conversion rate of your solution.

Our testing methods

At DTT we offer a comprehensive selection of user testing methods to help you uncover user insights and improve your product. We will advise and implement the most suitable testing method that fits your needs and goals. Is it to test the general usability of your product, or to find out what will the user click first? We'll help you to choose and carry out the test.

Usability test

Evaluate the user-friendlyness of your product with a usability test. Participants will try to complete core tasks while moderators watch, listen, and takes notes.

Click-through test

Identify user expectations with a click-through test. Users will be given a task to complete, and the position and duration of theirs clicks will be recorded.

A/B test

Compare two versions of a single variable with A/B testing to determine which of the two variants is more effective and user-friendly.


Understand user behavior by visualizing their clicks and taps by means of a heatmap. Analyse the motivation and desires of target users.


Measure the eyes and its motion and where the eye is focused on. With an eye tracking device, you will find out where the users are looking and how long.

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