The Ajax1 app in the press on


The Ajax1 app in the press on

If you are a big fan of the red and white football club from Amsterdam, probably you do not have enough news feed from well-known news sites like Voetbal International. Ajax's great fansite has launched its own news application for the iPhone and iPod touch, with which you can quickly follow the latest news about the club. All rumors and players' achievements are scrutinized. Read about the potential reinforcements that the club will have next year.

Ajax1 news app is a simple app with the news section as a main focus. The latest headlines about the club are displayed in white letters on a red background (as official Ajax colours). To the left of each title there is a little photo and under a headline you see date of the message and how many reactions it has. These reactions are not automatically displayed under the article, but you can open it separately. It is not possible to leave a comment from the app. A login option for members of the site is missing.

However, you can share posts via Twitter and Facebook and keep these to read them later. You can find them back in the My articles tab. You can also keep track of the Twitter feed from different Ajax sources, check the score in the Premier League and see the scheduled games.

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