Hayo Friese

''After graduating from University I was met with a fork in the road: start a safe development job, or continue to grow. When it came to selecting a job offer, I decided to start off as an intern at D-TT, so I could learn without too much pressure in a fast paced environment. I soon came to realise that this was the right choice.

D-TT offered me a variety of different challenges right off the bat, and I was met with a vast array of opportunities to prove myself. This is a rarity in many development agencies, and the lack of structure that makes D-TT unique gave me the opportunity to define myself and grow with a sense of freedom. Despite this, your responsibilities are endless, and as you figure out your identity, you naturally feel yourself being more responsible.

As an intern, the skills you lack aren't skills you have to learn; here, they're skills you pick up. Taking initiative, being responsible, good communication... D-TT throws you onto a product, and with every mistake, these skills just come to you. When it comes to the development skills, the web team works hard to create reusable code, plugins, and more, so that anything we need to use again in the future is something we can then implement. The experience as a whole allowed me to develop these skills, and regardless of my development talent, I've become more confident in my abilities, allowing me to sign a contract as a Front-End Developer.'' 

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