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Amsterdam app developer
Amsterdam app developer

With the development of app stores the market of mobile devices has changed drastically. The development of mobile apps encourages smartphone producers to invent more and more powerful devices that support heavy graphics, have impeccable sound, clear and bright display and so on. The accessibility of mobile apps turned smartphones into an indispensable instrument for solving issues. The smartphone is a magic box with tons of interesting stuff inside - to read, to play, to learn, to watch and to listen. More and more companies think through the development of the app for their business. And it is common knowledge that any app is a serious investment that requires a professional approach. DTT is an Amsterdam app developer that will help you in this decision-making process. We will analyze the market and your company policy and will give you an argumentative answer whether you need an app or not, what kind of app will be more effective for your business and how can you increase sales with the app. 

Joost Gunterman

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Business world obtained one more platform to attract clients. It concerns not only those companies that are involved in offering services and online-content via Internet. The presence on the app market became essential for game developers, providers of media-content and internet services. Rapid growth and enthusiasm of mobile app users provoked other spheres of business to engage into the process. Companies that used Internet as an accompanying resource, decided to enter the app market. A lot of companies wanted to transcend functionalities of the site into an app and add more interesting features like push notifications or game elements. 

There are several reasons to have an app developed for the business

  • the necessity of the new channel of communication with clients
  • willingness to be in the flow of the new technologies and latest achievements
  • the intention to enlarge clientele
  • the desire to show high status
  • the developemnt of the new business line
  • the wish to increase customers' loyalty

First of all it's important to get a clear idea of the goals you want to achieve with the app. Depending on this we at DTT can give you a clear estimation of the project. Furthermore, from the perspective of our experience, we can suggest an alternative, that might be more beneficial for your business. We want you to know that we are interested in your project, we want to spend time and efforts on your specific issues and strive to build a solid partnership with you.

Secondly, we would like to know your vision of the project. It is very important for us to manage your expectations and to deliver you the exact product you want. Most of the time, our clients get this concept by discussing the project with our specialists, but of course we are open for your ideas and suggestions.

Thirdly, at DTT we are very strict with deadlines and terms, because we value your time and we value our time as well. Thanks to our experience in app development plus professional qualities of our team we can analyze the complexity of the project and set the exact deadlines.

Mobile app development requires time and investment in order to stand out from your competitors. It means that we take time to investigate the market and your counterparts, we thoroughly devise concept and make a unique design. Our team of developers, testers and project managers take everyday efforts in order to make a result you will be proud of.

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Testimonials from our clients

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Marlies P. Schijven, CMIO Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

''DTT has built the 'ziekenhuisbedchecker' for the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, with which we can give every healthcare provider free insight into the available beds, IC and non-IC, COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 in the Netherlands from existing registration systems. The ziekenhuisbedchecker has recently been expanded, so that the availability at the emergency department is now also visible.

This is going to help us enormously even after the corona crisis. After all, ambulance services know whether they should drive to a hospital or not, and GPs can see if there is a bed available at the emergency room before they have to make rounds if they want to send in a patient. DTT has really done this in record time, I am very impressed by the commitment and thinking along in turbulent times. Very professional, well-coordinated party. Definitely the right choice!''

Check our project for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport: ziekenhuisbedchecker


Joost Schriever, Global Director Marketing

‘’DTT has built an application for us, with which we can digitally replicate and decorate every Randstad location in the world. This will help us tremendously during the worldwide spread of our new positioning Human Forward. Furniture, wall decorations, floors and other elements can be placed into the location with the tool. Simultaneously, a calculation is being made of the coinciding investment.

We have gotten to know DTT as very professional, creative, correct and extraordinarily fun.’’

Check our project for Randstad: Randstad Office Configurator.


Harjo Keizer, advisor care innovation and ICT

“We have come to know DTT as a great club to work with, a proactive attitude and thinking along with the client are of paramount importance. At the start of the collaboration, we deepened strategy and concept with DTT, followed by the delivery of a creative strong design with strong gamification elements. Furthermore, their organizational strength and process-oriented approach ensured that we moved smoothly and steadily towards a nice final delivery.”

Check our project for JellinekMinnesota: JellinekMinnesota recovery app

Greenpeace Nederland

Ehtimaad Rais, Online Campagner

"Speaking for both myself, Joost and the entire projecteam, I would like to thank DTT deeply for your efforts. We are thrilled with the end result!

When we approached you with the request to make penguins appear everywhere in the Netherlands through AR, we received an exceptional proposal. A very entertaining elaboration of our campaign to make the South Pole a protected marine reserve. Together we quickly came up with the name for the King Penguin app and fun occasions to use the app so everyone can search virtual penguins via AR in their own neighborhood. By combining this quest with information about the animals and their threatened environment at the South Pole, awareness is created in a playful way. And that's exactly what we wanted. Once again, compliments on how fast you brought this amazing app into the digital world. I experienced it as a very pleasant collaboration."

Check our project for Greenpeace Nederland: King Penguin - Greenpeace AR.

University of Twente

Ernst Bohlmeijer, Professor of mental health promotion

''DTT has built two Progressive Web Apps for us for our positive psychological training of self-compassion and gratitude. With the beautiful designs we have been able to test the effectiveness of our training courses in scientific research.

I have experienced DTT as a pleasant organization to work with in the development of our apps. They are good at thinking along and always adhere perfectly to the agreements. In addition, they respond adequately when necessary. I was happy with the result.”

Check our project for the University of Twente: Zo Erg Nog Niet

The Netherlands Nutritions Centre

Irma Evenhuis, Project Coordinator

"The Canteen Scan, an online tool that helps providers to make their eating and drinking facilities healthier, was ready for an update. We have put a 'dream scan' on paper with all our wishes and those of our users. Together with DTT, we translated it into a design, which was then built.

With multiple user roles, different needs per environment where food and drinks are available (school, sports, work) and the link with an existing food database, the Canteen Scan is not a simple tool. But DTT has succeeded in translating our wishes into a nice tool. The new Canteen Scan is a visually modern, adopted and user-friendly web app.

Those involved in canteens and restaurants can enter the products offered and their placement on the basis of photos. Users additionally receive advice for improvement, so that locations are able to take steps towards a healthier eating environment that stimulates consumers to make healthier choices."

Check our project for the Netherlands Nutrition Centre: Canteen Scan 

Dutch Noorderkwartier Water Board

Marieke Duijn, Communication advisor

"We wanted to develop an online game that would make people more familiar with the work of the water board and what residents can do themselves for clean surface water. With facts about water so that it is not only fun, but you can also learn something while you’re playing the game. DTT has helped us a lot in the search for what eventually became the HHNK Clean Water game. A fun competitive and informative game. The creative and approachable employees of DTT and their quick actions during the development process have positively surprised us!"

Check our project for the Dutch Noorderkwartier Water Board: HHNK Clean Water game


Maurits Knopjes, co-director Multibel

“The DTT design team has helped us a lot to update the website, to get more conversions and to improve it technically. The same with our MultiBel app. The challenge was the combination of a modern design with improved user-friendliness. We are very satisfied with the result and this certainly makes you want more. Dealing with the team was pleasant, from the big boss to the individual designers, all professionals. SEE YOU SOON.''


Stephanie Leyenaar, Director Foundation de Juiste Schakel

“We let DTT develop our website and app and I am incredibly pleased. Close communication, genuine interest in our foundation and we are only receiving positive feedback from our users. We would absolutely recommend DTT to anyone who wants to develop something. The employees get an A+ from us.”

Check out our project for Hulpapp: Hulpapp.


Pieter Rüpp, Co-founder SportWallet and Maurits Rüpp, Co-founder SportWallet

“With an idea in our heads we ended up at DTT. The initial communication went smooth and before we knew it, we had a meeting at their office. After a few brainstorming sessions we immediately went into the design and development phase and the results speak for themselves! It's extraordinary how DTT’s team managed to convert the idea in our heads into an actual app. Thanks to the experience and expertise of DTT are we able to control and manage the CMS of the app very easily and in an efficient way. Our decision to collaborate DTT has been the correct one and I would recommend them to everyone.”

Check out our project for SportWallet: SportWallet.

Chamber of Commerce

Marco van Hagen, advisor entrepreneur support and Gabriëlle Hoogendoorn, productmanager

"Very recognizable, the description from other organisations about the collaboration with the DTT team.

DTT supported our team during the development of the game concept to a fun and informative app, with which entrepreneurs can learn more about importing in a fun manner. By playing the import missions users will receive direct feedback of their own knowledge level. Via the attained score and ranking, they will challenge their friends to a competition.

DTT created a whole game in a short time. Short communication lines. Clear in expectation management. A lot of patience with our search for the maximum attainability within the proposition. Proficient in the translation of wishes and demands to a practicle solution."

Check our project for the Chamber of Commerce: KvK Import Game


Patrick Özer, Senior Manager Forensic Technology

"DTT has helped us twice. First, DTT devised a prototype for an app and when this was well received, they made a fully dynamic version of the app. Our needs and requirements were not easy to fulfill, but during the pleasant co-operation we have come to a good design that satisfied both parties. In the implementation phase DTT came up with good proposals for the app, but also gave us good advice on how we could position our app within the organization. It is amazing how our complex scoring model was so easily implemented, so our non-technical colleagues can manage this through the back end."

Check our project for KPMG: KPMG Fine app I and KPMG Fine app II

Erasmus MC

Mary Dankbaar, Program manager E-Learning

"We wanted to create an additional training environment for medical students. On the basis of realistic medical cases, they can learn how to interpret heart and lung sounds. In collaboration with DTT we have developed Clinical Challenge app, so students can easily practice their knowledge.

DTT was a reliable partner; employees think along with you, quickly answer questions and provide quality results. Through a good rating system with highscores and attractive animations with sounds, it resulted in a good app. Students are excited about e-learning and are more eager to learn."

Check our project for Erasmus MC: Clinical Challenge

ING Bank

Stephan Swerissen, Formula Manager Savings and Investing

"We would like to emphasize:

  • Young, enthusiastic, technical and professional employees
  • Quick feedback and good communication via phone / email 
  • Good at executing a concrete idea"

Read more about our project for ING Bank: ING Marketing Day app

Bouwend Nederland

Ad van Luijt, chairman of the Build@School Foundation

"Since 2015 we are playing a construction game at schools to encourage students to choose for construction technology. This game in which a Lego house has to be built, was supervised by a few game leaders. As it was becoming a problem to find enough game leaders every time, the decision was made to change the game into a digital construction game.

This is how I came in contact with DTT in Amsterdam. After meeting with Jeffrey and his organization, we decided to let DTT build the game.

This has been done to great satisfaction of our Foundation "Build@School". The employees of DTT were always there to process questions and suggestions that we had. The game is being played for a year now and we intend to expand the game further. Of course we would like to do this again with the cooperation of DTT."

Check our project for Bouwend Nederland: Bouwend Nederland e-learning tool.

De Lotto

Fiona Mirrer, Coordinator Marketing Communication

"For our most popular and best-known lottery scratch-card, December Calendar, we came up with the idea to develop a fun game that you can be played both on PC and on your phone. For this, we started looking for a multimedia partner and found DTT. Despite the short timetable, DTT delivered a super game: the December Calendar game. This game, starring the penguins from the December Calendar 2014 lottery scratchcards, is based on an existing game and is intended as a free fun bonus. You can't win (money) prizes, but you can get the highest score! Communication was smooth, clear and fast and we could always turn to DTT if we had questions. DTT also thought actively us on how we could generate more downloads and gave us good advice where necessary. In short, DTT has been an excellent partner. We will certainly continue working with DTT in future."

Read more about our project for De Lotto: Krasloten December calendar game


Desirée Beaujean, Head of Development and Implementation Department

"The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) had the "Tick bite" app launched in April 2014. This app was initially developed for Android. With this app people can check what ticks are and how to correctly remove them (even without internet connection!). Starting from July 2014 the app will be available for iOS also.

In the beginning we have spoken with a number of potential executors and we chose for DTT. What struck us was that from the very start DTT was very involved in the issue and the development of the app. The rates were reasonable and certainly played a role in choosing DTT. During our collaboration, we got to know Jeffrey and Dirk better. We emailed and called each other so often, we even noticed the urge to contact them when it wasn't even necessary. I think that says enough!

In short, DTT has been a great partner to develop an app. They are reliable and always up for a joke. Great job!"

Read more about our project for RIVM: RIVM Tick bite awareness app

BAM Utiliteitsbouw

Rinaldo Beunk, Computerisation Departement Royal

Safety on and around the construction site is an important issue for BAM Utiliteitsbouw and Royal BAM Group. To emphasize this, BAM Utiliteitsbouw has introduced the "BAM builds safe" web app. In co-operation with DTT the web-app was worked on with enthusiasm and realised in a short amount of time. The design and the development of the web-app was a urgent order. DTT has delivered a complete and fully operating solution. Our compliments to DTT and their proactive and flexible approach.

Read more about our projects for BAM Utiliteitsbouw: BAM Inspiration solution | BAM form

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Rian van der Broek, Deputy Chief Information Officer

We are very satisfied with the iStrategy app that DTT has developed for the Ministry of HWS. During our collaboration with DTT, we were pleased by their active thinking along, professional advice and their quick clear communication. Points as working with multiple parties, time pressure, and last minute changes changes weren't a problem for DTT.

Read more about our project for Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport: iStratey policy app


Karin Kramer, Online Communications adviser

"DTT has really done a great job by developing the first KNHS Dressage and riding tests app for iOS and Android. Despite the short development time (and thus high pressure on the project) DTT has taken the usability of the app into account and has given clear advice on functionality and design. Thanks to the pleasant and efficient co-operation, the app could be launched on schedule and within budget. This was well noticed: the app reached the number 1 position in the category 'best paid' in iTunes. The team of DTT is commited, enthusiastic, works fast and communicates clearly. An absolute must!"

Check our project for KNHS: Dressage test app


Johan G. Gelderblom, Director Finance, Administrative Organisation and Information Technology

"We were looking for a specialist, that could guarantee speed, transparency and quality of service and product and think along with the client! DTT has managed well to deliver the first project, a sales app for our international branches.

We decided to give our second project, a web portal for our international customers, to DTT as well. I am curious whether DTT will manage to succeed here. After all, as they say "You're only as good as your last game", so you have to prove yourself over and over again!

Project 3 (a second Sales app) and project 4 (a complete new website) are still on the drawing board, so .......!? "

Read more about our projects for HG: HG Sales app II | HG Order Portal | HG Webshop | HG Order app  

Municipality of Medemblik

Minke Jellema, Purchasing advisor

‘’DTT has helped us tremendously with shaping our (many) wishes and ideas to a supportive web-app for all our tender processes. Shaping legal requirements to a ‘simple’ and user-friendly tool for our buyers has definitely been a challenge. DTT has fulfilled this challenge extremely well. We are very pleased with the end result! DTT is definitely a recommendation to work with. They are open and transparent and very good in carrying out a concrete idea.’’

Check our project for the municipality of Medemblik: Municipality of Medemblik PWA.


Ramon Kostwinder, E-commerce Manager

"Together with DTT we have developed a native iOS and Android app for our b2b customers. With this app they can respond to assignments that individuals have placed on our platform. We developed an API ourselves that communicates with the app.

At DTT they always fulfil their promises. Beforehand they clearly informed and advised us about various options related to native or non-native app. They also took into consideration all interactions and potential complexities that come with these options. The app is now live and our customers are very satisfied with it."

Check our project for Warmteservice: Kluscontact job platform app


Dennis van der Stoop, Head of Construction Management

DTT has developed several apps for NSI that saves time and paper for administrative work. The needed documentation is reported and communicated directly to the customer. The rapid approach and continuous thinking along in the process made it easy to work with DTT.

Read more about our projects for NSI: NSI landlords app | NSI Parxx


Laura Vogelsang, Co-owner

DTT has developed the first Valtifest app for us. Public surveys show that visitors of the festival had given a very high rating to this app. The project management during the app development was on a professional level. A pleasant co-operation with a wonderful product.

Read more about our project for Valtifest: Valtifest festival app

Aslan Music center

Anne Boer, Education Specialist

"DTT has developed apps for Aslan Music Center that teaches students to make music. DTT works very quickly, is easily accessible and thinks along with you. The aftercare is completed as expected. DTT has delivered a clear, user-friendly and reliable app.’’

Check our project for Aslan Music center: Aslan music school app

Eigen Haard

Bouke Molenkamp, Manager Zakelijke Markten

The experience we had with DTT as an app developer is very positive. They have a great ability to quickly and efficiently turn a joint idea into an actual working app. It is a proper challenge to develop a good concept with two independent housing cooperations in Amsterdam, Eigen Haard and The Alliance. With the commitment, expertise and pragmatic hands-on approach, DTT's work is beyond expectation. Through good, direct and precise communication we have created a great product in a very short time. Recommended.

Read more about our project for Eigen Haard: Blokster app


Patrick Blom, Manager Marketing and Communication

We have asked DTT to re-design the My Tentoo hour declaration system for our customers. DTT has made a high-end desktop, tablet and mobile design, while taking into account our customer requirements. The cooperation was good and constructive.

Read more about our project for Tentoo: Tentoo Adaptive Webdesign


Mustafa Demirayak, Project Manager

“We have given DTT the assignment to develop a logbook/inspection app for our business. After working with DTT for 2 years, the end result was extremely positive. DTT is currently still working on new developments for our business app. The new app helps our employees to work faster, more efficient and more effective. Great to see that everything within our business has been fully automated, with thanks to the thoughtful team of DTT. Doing Things Together.”

Check out our project for Flamma: Flamma Inspection app.


Farid Azarkan, Owner

"We worked very well with DTT. From the very first contacts they made a professional and skilled impression.

In all phases they are punctual, accurate and even better, they think along with possible alternatives and solutions. We completed the project on time and within budget. DTT also provides the agreed quality. What is special about Dylan and Jeffrey: they honor their agreements.

I would recommend everyone to do business with DTT."

Read more about our project for Cleverstone: GRIP real estate manager


VU Medical Center

Erwin van Wegen, Senior researcher Neurorehabilitation

Since 2012 we have been doing business with DTT to develop our Parkinson Exercises Android app in different languages. We work from a non-profit foundation with charitable objectives and in the beginning we had a lot of budget-friendly solutions. After DTT has converted our first iOS app into Android app, they became our go-to developer for Android versions of our app in multiple languages. The latest French version has a more complex development challenge with an in-app purchase and code access system. DTT has quickly and efficiently implemented it. Employees are flexible, work good and fast and respond promptly to emails and phone calls. Overall, a good company with excellent employees.

Read more about our project for VU Medical Center: EFOX Parkinson’s Home Exercises


Nicolette Jansen, Middin

Together with DTT we have made an app in which we provide sex education to people with a mild disabilities. Developing an app was a new experience for us and for DTT it was a completely new target group. DTT employees were able to translate our wishes and convert them into a beautiful design and concept, which matched well with the target group. The DTT team listened very attentively and the communication was very pleasant. We are very proud of our result and the product meets our expectations.

Read more about our project for Middin: Middin sex education app

Framez Media

Gerald van Engelen, Owner

So far, DTT has built 4 Android applications for us on behalf of our customers. The success of this cooperation has recently been extended, DTT can also develop our iOS applications now. Commitment, professionalism and quality are at a high level. Framez Media is a very satisfied customer of DTT.

Read more about our projects for Framez Media: Framez | Staatsloterij Wielercam app | Fox Sports Camera app | Hi-tec Walking Cam app

Kuraray Noritake Dental Europe

Maurice Bonn, European Marketing Manager

"Our task had an absurd deadline, scope-creep all over the place and a fixed price. DTT made it happen. With these stressful conditions, DTT has developed a product we are extremely pleased with. The commitment to meet deadlines is commendable, work didn't stop even during evenings and nights and quality is simply beyond comparison. For me, DTT has proven to be a very knowledgeable and knowing company. All this gives me the confidence to pick up the phone and call them directly for the next assignment."

Check our project for Kuraray Noritake Dental Europe: Kuraray noritake rating app

Nijmegen Medical Faculty Association referentie

Nijmegen Medical Faculty Association

Roos de Jong, Board Member

As a study association, communicating to your members is of great importance, which is why an application is of great added value to us. DTT had carefully discussed the possibilities and use of the application with us. Jeffrey was very helpful, and I always received answers to my questions and demands. We, as medical faculty association of Nijmegen, are very proud of our application!


Romke de Vries, Technical director and co-founder

From the first contact we were very well supported by the DTT team. DTT suggests additional ideas and options for our native Android and iOS Daalder Payment app and responsive website. For our services a continuous process of improvement and adequate bug resolving is very important, DTT is always ready to diagnose problems and resolve them.

Check our project for Daalder: Daalder payment app


Michael Webbers, Founder

Last year we launched Festive - a platform for the event industry. After contacting a number of app developers in Amsterdam, we knew that DTT was the right company to develop the iOS and Android applications for the platform. We successfully launched a great application at the scheduled time in April 2015.

Read more about our project for Festive: Festive Companion app


Sabine Doets, ICT Manager

We were looking for a suitable partner for developing an app and soon found out about DTT. After the first phone call we got a clear picture about the various ways  to develop an app and the pros and cons of these options. The offer was clear and good in terms of pricing. We quickly had an app developed that exactly met our needs. Our next app will also be developed by DTT.

Read more about our projects for Welzorg: Welzorg Breakdown Assistance app | RSR Breakdown Assistande app

ADante Business Information

Dave Simons, IT Consultant

"Adante E-meeting provides solutions for paperless meetings of your organization. Together with DTT, we have developed an app that allows the user to keep the documents for the current meeting and agenda on the iPad. With the app, you can also add annotations in the documents.

We spoke with a number of vendors and selected DTT. DTT sets itself apart with their strong involvement in the development of the app. DTT thinks, looks for the best solution and gives an honest opinion where necessary. Jeffrey and his team communicate quickly and completely so you always have everything under control, and you never have to wonder how's it going. In short, DTT has been an excellent partner, and we will continue to co-operate with DTT for the further development of the app especially."

Read more about our project for Adante: Adante E-meeting app

Saint Gobain Glassolutions referentie

Saint Gobain Glassolutions

Jeroen Thuis, Marketing Manager

Glass Solutions was looking for a flexible company that could quickly develop an app. We've sent out our assignment and DTT reacted accurately and fast. Also during the fulfilment of the assignment they maintained a great service level. The realization of the app on Android and IOS, both phone and tablet is completely provided by DTT. Co-operation with the DTT team was excellent, with adequate and clear communication. Glass Solutions is a satisfied customer.

Intermac BV referentie

Intermac BV

Bart Willemse, Owner

We approached DTT for the development of an internal iPhone app, we knew exactly what we wanted and what the challenges were. Several other app developers promised that they could deliver this app as well, but DTT was the only company that showcased that they could develop this application with the help of a video. This gave us the proof that we we’re talking to the right company, and that is proven! Quick and correct responses to our questions and no fuss with minor changes. In short, we will certainly use their services more often.

MobiGreen, Vanenburg Group BV referentie

MobiGreen, Vanenburg Group BV

Henk de Vreugd, General Manager

"For the development of our MobiGreen mobile application we have chosen the services of DTT. In hindsight, the right choice. Our experience with DTT is:

  1. Quick feedback
  2. Comprehensive answers
  3. Good technical expertise
  4. Reliable partnership with modern approach
  5. Proper price/ performance ratio

Hopefully we will have many years of pleasant co-operation."

4Sight referentie


Mark Berntssen, Sales and Marketing Manager

4Sight develops Virtual Reality for the urban planning industry. Thus we support and advise governments and developers in marketing their plans. With visualizations you can create more understanding, trust and support for the property development and infrastructure projects. We have asked DTT to extend our pallet of visualization products by an iPad application for infrastructure projects. Besides the very pleasant and open collaboration, DTT offers a quality product, with fast delivery terms at a very competitive rate. Multiple suppliers are able to deliver quality, but next to that, commitment and customer orientation in favor of the client is a second nature for DTT!

MILK Strategy & Finance referentie

MILK Strategy & Finance

Laurens Oosting, Consultant MILK Strategy & Finance

MILK Strategy & Finance is one of the most prominent strategic and financial consulting companies for small and mid-market. Our services include: Financial Management, Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Management. We have worked with DTT on the development of a new strategy to advance the website of one of our customers. The speed and service provided by DTT makes them a pleasant business partner to work with.

Minicards referentie


Arnold Gruppen, Owner

We decided to build a Mobile application to provide our advertisers with an extra platform and to react on the current consumer demand. For this project we approached DTT. We are very satisfied with the short delivery time that was needed to finish the application. The level of communication was above expectations as well. In fact, they chased us more, than we needed to chase them to finish this project :) The result is very pleasing. Next to that, the after sales service was just great.

Joost Gunterman

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